1. They say that as you die, your life flashes before you, all those memories and mistakes that form us. Well, bring it on. My life can flash away as much as it wants because I’m not going to die.
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  2. that-alonzo-kid:

    Alex Drake’s unimpressed face is what I live for.

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  3. riversnogs:

    Is that a body bag? 
    Yes, it is. 
    It's empty. 
    How about that? 

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  4. raggedymans:

    Hello, I’m the new caretaker 

    John Smith

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  6. 8.05: Time Heist
    Picture the thing you want most in the universe
    …decide how badly you want it.

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  7. T H E  C H A R M E R S
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  8. 7:15. Meeting me. You are. Date. Second one.

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  9. qqmoarz:

"Oh my god."


    "Oh my god."
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  10. some alex/gene in a2a season 2

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